19 August 2016


Author: Julie Kagawa
Series: Talon #1
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

Wait.  I was a dragon.  What the hell was I doing?

The quote above from Talon pretty much sums up this novel for me.  Ember and Dante are friggin dragons, yet they pretty much just act like annoying, regular, run of the mill human teenagers.  Dragons actually play a very minor role in this "groundbreaking modern fantasy series" (ha!).  Not only do the dragons walk around in human form, but they are forbidden from shifting into dragons, which makes this novel pretty much the dragon equivalent of Twilight.

Garret is human, and after dragons killed his family, he has made it his life's mission to hunt them down and kill them all (Talon's Edward).  Riley (Talon's Jacob) is a rogue dragon, who grew tired of the bad guys in the Talon hierarchy, and wants to save Ember from the same oppression.  At the heart of it, Talon is just another young adult love triangle romance between these three.

While it has a few interesting points, Talon is pretty much a dud throughout.  I think the most interesting relationship was between Ember and Dante, and it was lost in the flood of her romance with Garret and Riley.  And the most exciting part of the novel was probably her Talon training sessions and her shifting into dragon form, which barely happen at all.  Instead, Talon is full of cliche and eye roll worthy dialogue and prose such as:

 "Screw you both.  I don't need any of this.  I'll find my own way home."

Which is kind of ironic, since a lot of this novel involves Ember getting a ride home from Garret.

And very soon, I was going to show a certain red-haired hatchling the true face of Talon, and convince her that she belonged with us.  With me.


"Be careful, Riley.  Don't get dead."

That one's just bad grammar.

And my favorite, which I think was supposed to be super macho and awesome in the heat of the battle, but just made me laugh:

"Heartless bitch!" he snarled, flames licking at his teeth in rage.  "You won't touch them.  I'll kill you first!"

Exclamation point and all!

Talon felt wholly unoriginal, another forgettable YA paranormal romance novel in a saturated genre.  Though, I'm sure, that means it will be devoured excitedly by the masses who enjoy this type of story.  Shame on Kagawa for playing on my current obsession with dragons.  I just wish there were more YA dragon novels out there actually focused on dragons.  This series, which looks like it is already slated for at least five novels, is dead for me after one.

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