08 August 2016


Author: Melissa de la Cruz & Michael Johnston
Series: Heart of Dread #3
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

She was the drakon.  Its heart of dread.  And now she was an immense, churning, howling ball of flame.

For a series routed in dragons, I gotta say, there was a severe lack of dragons in this final installment to the series.  And when the dragons - sorry, 'drakons' - are reintroduced, it is not what you would expect and doesn't last for very long.  Disappointing, as the dragons were about the one thing I liked about this series, which didn't leave much in the way for enjoyment in this last installment.

The writing is so juvenile at times that it's laughable.  As the substitution of the word 'freeze' for curse words is really frakking (heh) irritating.  Take this passage for example:

Godfreezeit... he was freezing dying... motherfreezer... Nat... Nat... where are you...

Case and point on both mentioned above.

Golden feels more like a romance than anything else, but there is no chemistry between Nat and Wes to speak of, so the plot has no grounds on which to stand.  And while they have quite a few enemies to deal with, we go through three major fights in the last third of the novel, all sandwiched in together.  It feels rushed, and there's no real action or suspense behind the prose to keep readers hooked.

While I think die hard fans of Melissa de la Cruz and the series will enjoy this conclusion, I've still yet to be impressed with anything she's written so far.

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