15 August 2016


Author: Brandon Sanderson
Series: The Reckoners #1
Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

I lowered the gun.
My name is David Charleston.
I kill people with super powers.

Oh, David, so full of yourself.  You kill one little High Epic and now suddenly you are the master slayer.  Forget the fact that you can't stop oggling and pining for another Epic, one you definitely wouldn't kill.  Or that the leader of your Reckoners squad is an Epic.  Or that you get a lot of help from other Epics - whether willingly or unwillingly - in this novel.  Nope, David is just the Steelslayer.

I don't mind David all that much, to be honest.  I think he says 'Sparks!' entirely too frequently, but I chalk that up to the author wanting to say an expletive without actually having to write one, which is becoming more and more frequent it seems.

The plot of Firefight feels a little more reformed than Steelheart was.  It feels like Sanderson writing and the way the plot unraveled also added a little more action this time around, even if it still felt slow during parts.  And I like how the the goodness of the Epics isn't so black and white as they tried to make them out to be in Steelheart.  There is a lot more gray area this time around, which adds a complexity to both recurring and new characters.

Unfortunately, a lot of this novel is still wasted on teenage romance that really doesn't do anything to further the storyline.  Lines like:

'Stop it, I thought at myself.  Prof is right.  You need to get Megan out of your head.  Enjoy what you have right now.'

Weigh heavily on the plot, and David is far too interested in Megan.  There is even a little hint of a love triangle teased for a while, which only soured my mood.  Still, there aren't too many young adult superhero/super villain novels that I've found out there yet, and the story is interesting enough.  We shall see how Calamity goes.

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