12 July 2016

Double Love

Author: Kate William
Series: Sweet Valley High #1
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

It's the summer of nostalgia.  First with Gossip Girl, and now throwing all the way, way, way back to Sweet Valley.  I grew up reading about Elizabeth and Jessica, be it in Sweet Valley Twin, Sweet Valley High, or Sweet Valley University, though I don't think I've read the entirety of any of the series.  I even saw a bit of the TV series.

Returning to Sweet Valley is like going back to high school.  There is drama abound, especially since uber popular Jessica and reserved, brainy Elizabeth just happen to have crushes on the same guy - Todd.  I'm not a twin and have never had that kind of dynamic with someone like Liz and Jess share, but I can definitely relate each one of the characters in this story to someone I went to high school with.

Definitely a summer read, Sweet Valley focuses on the drama of Liz and Jess warring for Todd's attention.  It also deals with Steve's hidden relationship (they think) and her father's potential affair with the hot, young new lawyer at his firm.  In the background is also the rival between families over what to do with the football field (high school drama at its finest).  These books are a quick read, and the characters are tolerable (some more than others).  Jessica is definitely not my favorite, and is a bit of a bitch.  And after Todd's interactions with both girls, I definitely would want to date him.  He seems a bit like a spineless prick.  But that makes the series charming, as each character is flawed and imperfect.

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