27 July 2016

You're the One That I Want

Author: Cecily von Ziegesar
Series: Gossip Girl #6
Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

Was it only yesterday that she'd told another boy, "I love you"?
Yup, that's right.  Yesterday.

Beautiful Serena who got kicked out of boarding school gets into practically every college she applied to, so she flaunts around New England, touring the schools and meeting hot tour guides.

Dan and Vanessa are apparently a couple again?  And now they decide to live together (that sounds like the logical, smart thing to do), along with a squatter who has keys to the apartment.

Blair is still determined to lose her V card, and now she has her eyes set on her cheating, stoner ex-boyfriend Nate, all while juggling her own (and Nate's as well) acceptance letters and a new baby in the family.

Jenny wants to become a supermodel like her idol, Serena, but learns that perhaps her super huge boobs may not be the asset she thought they were.

It's hard to feel any kind of pity for these characters this time around.  When Nate, who admits himself he didn't think he'd get in anywhere, gets into most of the Ivy Leagues when I worked my ass off in grade school just to try to get into a decent university in state, it just irritates me to no end.  And I can't feel sorry for Blair either, because she's just waiting for her letter from Yale so that she can celebrate by losing her virginity.  Seriously, can this girl really think of nothing else?  I think the elitist snobs side of the characters felt pretty strong in this installment in the series.

I did think it was kind of cute how Nate was spoiling the newest addition to Blair's family, even if he was doing it for purely selfish reasons.  And Chuck's relationship with his monkey (and his desperate attempt to get into college somewhere) added some fun to the story.  But for the most part, this one was completely forgettable for these characters I love to hate.

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