21 May 2016

Two Lies and a Spy

Author: Kat Carlton
Series: Two Lies and a Spy #1
Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

My heart rolls over while Lacey makes a rude retching noise from her corner of the elevator.  And in case nobody hears that, she says, "Gaaaaag.  Seriously?"

"Seriously?" is about what I thought as well.  I think I would have enjoyed this book much more in late middle school or early high school, before I started dating and when I was around people who actually talked this way (even if I wasn't friends with this type of people because, quite frankly, they usually annoyed me).

The premise sounded awesome.  A teenage girl who goes to an elite spy school that has been covertly trained in certain areas by her parents that work for the CIA.  Young Alias type heroine?  Check!  Except... not really, it turns out.  Kari gets a text from her parents that puts her on high alert, as it is a message they use to communicate when things have gone sideways.  Kari goes to pick up her brother and when they show up at the rendezvous point where they are supposed to meet their parents, their parents never show.  There could have been a lot of suspense and mystery and intrigue build around this plot, but instead Carlton ops for teenage drama as Kari gangs up with her hacker best friend, the guy she has a crush on, the guy she hates, and her crush's sister that she thinks is a bitch.

Finding out what the heck is going on with her parents then becomes almost an afterthought as Kari tries to plan out what to do by changing disguises and trying to flirt at the same time.  There is an interesting twist at the end that was a bit original (but sort of reminded me of The Americans) that pulled a little interest back in, but by then I'd gotten bogged down in the teenage drama.  I've already got the second novel checked out from the library, so I might take a crack at it, but I'm expecting the series will stay geared toward the usual teen romance and drama, and less into the political espionage drama.

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