28 May 2016

The Infinite Sea

Author: Rick Yancey
Series: The 5th Wave #2
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

"The world ends.  The world ends and the world begins again.  It's always been that way."

This book is frustrating for lack of a better word.  It feels like The 5th Wave, and yet it doesn't at the same time.  It uses the same type of narration and employs the same technique of interchanging the narrators, some first person and some third person.  Like The 5th Wave, we get a new narrator added as we explore new characters.  It's a great technique, because it allows Yancey to explore the plot in pretty much any tangent he wants, and it serves to give depth to characters that otherwise might end up stagnant.

Unfortunately, this novel kind of feels like a tangent completely.  We spent The 5th Wave trying to invest into Cassie and Ben and Evan and Sam and the dynamics woven between them.  I like that Yancey continues to explore these characters to a small extent, and I really like how he ties them all together while also showing how vastly different they are by the concept of promises.  Promises is such a huge theme in this novel/series, and there is such a stark contrast in how each person employs promises, while each seems hell bent on keeping the promises they make.

In The 5th Wave, the relationships we focused on primarily were:
- Cassie and Sammy
- Cassie and Evan
- Cassie and Ben
- Ben and Sammy
- Ben and Ringer
- Ringer and Teacup
- Ben and Evan

In The Infinite Sea, most of that is lost as we diverge the plot to primarily Ringer.  The relationships we end of focusing on primarily in this novel are:
- Teacup and Ringer
- Ringer and Razor
- Cassie and Evan (barely)
- Cassie and Ben (barely)
- Evan and that other chick whose name I've already forgotten (barely)

We also get a little insight into Poundcake... but now I'm think that was just cruel, Yancey.  Just. Plan. Cruel.

While I found Ringer one of the most interesting characters of The 5th Wave, The Infinite Sea took a lot of the wind gathered in my sail from the first installment and tossed it to the wind by focusing so much on the secondary characters from 5th Wave and throwing the main characters onto the back burner.  So it'll be interesting to see who the next installment revolves around, if I ever get it from the library (stupid wait list).

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