01 May 2016

Dark Inside

Author: Jeyn Roberts
Series: Dark Inside #1
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

Roberts writes an extremely fast paced and easy to read novel, but Dark Inside does not leave a lasting impression.  As soon as I finished the last sentence, I was ready to put it down and go to sleep.  It did not keep me up pondering the tragedy of the human condition.  I didn't take away any deep, lasting meaning or feel much of a social commentary on human nature that this book is primed for.  Inside, it is a light weight young adult novel to devour in an afternoon.

The characters, unfortunately, are as swallow as the plot.  Mason is the only character that gripped me in the slightest.  Apart from Clementine's relationship with her brother, which is vastly underdeveloped but ripe for angst and tear dropping sadness.  At times, I think Roberts tries to be deep, but she misses the mark by a mile.  On the opposite side, her attempts at comic relief are also poorly timed, making the "humorous" remarks almost offensive.

Since I already have the next installment from the library sitting on my bookcase, I'll probably bang it out this weekend.  But it's not a series I'm going to gush about to a friend, or probably mention at all, especially since Roberts makes no attempt to explain what happened to cause everyone to go crae-crae in the first place, or why only a certain handful of people weren't affected.

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