22 April 2016

Waistcoats & Weaponry

Author: Gail Carriger
Series: Finishing School #3
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

I read somewhere where someone claimed this series was the female version of Harry Potter.  Not a fan of all the comparisons to the top rated series as of late (especially after some high disappoints), I wrote it off after the first novel.  Now into the third in the series, I can sort of see what they meant (or, perhaps, not what they meant, but where I draw my own conclusions).

For a novel in the Finishing School series, there is not much in this novel that takes place in the school.  Much like how Harry Potter is a series about a boy that goes off to wizardry school, but little of the novels actually have to do with learning to be a wizard in school.  This series is like Harry Potter in that respect.

Waistcoats & Weaponry finds Sophronia and friends bunking off their floating school for young assassins in order to attend the engagement ball for one of Sophronia's many brothers.  And since the love triangle in this series does not seem to want to leave me alone, it comes along for the ride.  Before the floating school docks and lets them off, Sophronia's sootie friend, Soap (I do love the irony of his nickname), tells her not to dance too many dances with the prat Felix.  And once Sophronia and Felix reunite to attend the engagement ball together, the sparks seem to fly there as well once more.  While the romance in this series isn't entirely stifling of the plot, and Carriger tries her best to weave it into the story as effortlessly as possible with the same charming prose she uses for everything else, Sophronia's relationships with her two love interests - Soap and Felix - is still just a bit too tiresome at the end of the day for the likes of me.

Departing the party early, the rest of the adventure in this novel takes place as Sophronia and gang hop aboard an almost empty train for a grand adventure of werewolves, Picklemen, and vampires.  Again, I think there are just one or two too many different aspects going on in this series.  Though I will say I understand the inclusion of the werewolves at the end of this novel.

A fun ride with enough excitement to keep the pace going, this third installment still falls folly the same as its predecessors.  A light, fun read, but still missing that last touch that would make it a classic in its genre.

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