27 March 2016


Author: Alex Flinn
Rating: 1.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

Ugh.  I could tell almost from the very beginning that this story was going to be wholly unremarkable.  The writing the flimsy, the characters are underdeveloped to a fault, and the mystery at the heart of the plot just isn't that interesting.  I can buy into the golden hair growing supernaturally fast.  And I can even stomach the healing tears since I did see Tangled.  But the voice than can be heard from miles and miles away?  And the apparent ghost in this story that's haunting the house?  Now, come on, that's too much for even me to suspend reality for this fracture fairy tale retelling.

There's just nothing going for this story.  Wyatt is a snooze, Rachel is a naive bore, and Danielle's story isn't very gripping.  The romance between Wyatt and Rachel isn't organic in the slightest and is laughable once they "develop" a "relationship".  The writing is weak, and dialogue a bit cliche and vapid.  The plot isn't original enough to make a mark of its own, and it isn't true enough to previous tellings of Rapunzel to have my undying devotion.  So in the end I'm simply left with a novel I have to power read through just so I could finish and take it back to the library.

I picked up this novel because I'm working on writing a Rapunzel retelling of my own.  And, frankly, because the cover looks awesome.  But looks are deceiving in this case, and I wish I'd taken the lackluster response on Goodreads as a sign and just avoided this one.

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