08 March 2016

The Funny Thing Is...

Author: Ellen DeGeneres
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

One of my co-workers owns this book, so after I told her about listening to Ellen's other book, she gave this one to me to read.  She mentioned the parts about seeing a cat run across the street and waiting for the dog chasing it and having to wear Depends while exercising (neither of which, coincidentally, is in this book).

I have to say, I liked Ellen's later book, Seriously... I'm Kidding, better.  I believe, however, that I can probably chalk that up to the fact that I did the audiobook instead of the reading the book (and I NEVER say that sentence).  But with the audiobook, Ellen's unique voice and hilarious inflections take the cake.  It's like listening to an extended stand up routine.

Though I didn't enjoy The Funny Thing Is... as much as I did Seriously... I'm Kidding, that's not to say I didn't enjoy it.  It is full of humor and I still found myself laughing aloud more than once.  I am fully convinced that our brains are soulmates.  The tangents and thought process divergences that take place in the novel are the exact way my brain thinks (or at least tries to think).  I think my favorite part is the dinner party with Eminem and crew (and perhaps the bonus chapter with the bonus room).

If you can get the audiobook, snag it immediately.  If not, the book is still worth a read, and it won't take you long (even with the additional 5%).

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