30 March 2016

Queen of Shadows

Author: Sarah J. Maas
Series: Throne of Glass #4
Rating: 1 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

I tried.  I really, really did.  I kept at this series, hoping upon all hopes that it would finally suck me in.  And there were some parts of Heir of Fire that held my interest, so I really thought that Queen of Shadows was going to be the one.

But I just can't anymore.  The jig is up, as they say.  I've had this book out from the library for about three months now, and I've been trying to trudge through it for well over a month.  I hate to throw in the towel and call myself a quitter, but this one is serious torture and I'm not that much of a masochist.  It's sooo long and it's sooo boring and there isn't a single character that I like much at all.  The plot is kind of everywhere, pulled in far too many directions by so many different groups in different parts of this vast world.  It is a Game of Thrones for YA readers?  I don't know, because I didn't get more than 20 pages into Game of Thrones either.  But at this point, I'm just done with the whole Throne of Glass series.  The optimism has worn off, and I'm going to take it at face value - it's boring and not worth my time.  Sorry, Maas, but kudos on the rise to fame.  You can definitely consider me jealous of that.

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