15 March 2016

Map of Fates

Author: Maggie Hall
Series: The Conspiracy of Us #2
Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

Like its predecessor, perhaps the most memorable part about this novel is the cover.  Hats off to the jacket cover designer.  It's beautiful, it really is.  And again, that dress!

As for the plot, the love triangle wreck in this novel gets deeper and deeper the further into it you get and becomes so annoying it's hard to deal with.  It isn't just that the way the love triangle plays out is utterly cliche, though it certainly is that.  It just feels so forced, and the fact that someone manages to keep it in their pants because their completely drunk really doesn't do much to improve their stock as a character.  The whole thing feels messy and pointless.

I think a little of the novelty of the story is starting to wear off.  There are a lot of characters, but none of them are very complex even if they are two faced.  And while there is still some jet setting around the world, the plot and settings seem to go around in circles almost.  During the first half of the novel, I didn't mind it as much.  During the second half, when it seems like a method to move along the love aspect, it becomes a bit irritating.

I just it's still okay, but that's probably the best thing I will say about it.  It's interesting enough to get me to the end.  And I did want to finish it, even if I'm not even that interested in following the clues and figuring out the riddles since it all seems counter intuitive anyway.  A decent enough book for a read on the beach or a sick day in bed, but I wouldn't go out of my way to make time for it.  Not sure if I'm going to continue with the series or not, but I guess we'll see.  I think people who enjoy love triangles will get a lot more out of this installment than I did.

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