18 March 2016

Into the Dim

Author: Janet B. Taylor
Series: Into the Dim #1
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

First off, whomever edited this novel needs to be fired immediately.  As in, right this moment.  Chop chop.  There are SO MANY missing or inverted quotation marks I gave up writing them in as I am prone to do and simply yelled aloud in frustration at the book.

Unfortunately, better editing is not going to fix this novel.  Unlike Timeline, I don't buy into the "science" behind the mechanisms that allow Hope and gang to time travel in this novel.  And, unlike Timeline, Into the Dim isn't all that interesting.  Hope is a bit annoying, with her photographic memory and her claustrophobia that don't seem to be wholly consistent throughout the novel.  None of the other characters stand out that well either.

The background of the Scottish highlands should be breaktaking, as should the backdrop of the time of the setting.  Instead, it hardly seems mentioning in this review.  The characters and plot are so free and loose and yet they absorb all the attention in the novel.  If you are interested in the characters, then I'm sure you can find something to enjoy about this novel - like the weak attempts at romance between these teen characters that should be mortal enemies but are not (like anyone didn't see the big reveal of Bran coming.  Please) or the "mystery" about Hope's mom.

This novel had potential, but it's yet another YA novel in the supersaturated genre with cliched and over used plot runs abound. I have no interest in the remainder of the series, just like I had little interest in this novel past the opening portion (did I mention the poor editing)?  A shame, but I guess I honestly didn't expect much from a novel about time traveling.  Very, very, very few authors can pull out that plot point in my opinion (go read Timeline!)

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