18 February 2016

The Fiery Heart

Author: Richelle Mead
Series: Bloodlines #4
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

The sudden introduction of a second narrator halfway through this series certain threw me for a spin.  In the young adult genre these days, the introduction of a second narrator during a series typically spells the death of the first narrator.  And while I'm not too worried about Mead killing Sydney off, at the conclusion of the novel I can see why she did it, and I am not 100% entirely off course.

This installment in the Bloodline series is definitely for the romantically inclined.  There is so much dialogue and internal thought relating to the relationship between Sydney and Adrian that it oftentimes makes me want to roll my eyes and simultaneously barf.  A lot of it is so cliche and just fells forced, like the relationship hasn't quiet had enough time to develop into the feelings our narrators - Sydney and Adrian - are now professing constantly 24/7.

While I can see how Sydney and Adrian as well suited for each other and how their relationship is paramount for her character development, I am not a big fan of how heavily their romance plays into the plot of this novel.  The plot is very heavily centered on their romance, and it becomes a bit tiresome.  I think the relationship between Sydney and her sister, Zoe, is far more interesting as well as Sydney's relationship with her father, but they don't have nearly enough face time in this story, even though it seems like they are going to be playing major factors in the next installment.  So the plot for The Fiery Heart could have been much better, but then again, from the title, what was I really expecting?

The ending of this novel sets up for an interesting follow up, and I definitely think I'll like the next installment better.  I do like the progression of Sydney's work to try to distance herself and even protect herself from the Alchemists in this novel, and there is even an interesting scene where Sydney has to face one of her biggest nightmares - Moroi who are actually interested in forcibly drinking her blood.  I think Mead could have done a little more of an in depth character study with Sydney at that crossroads, but I'm glad it at least made the book and she has to face the reality that while she loves Adrian, he is - after all - a vampire.

I also like the character study we get with Adrian in this installment, and how we get to see first hand how the spirit affects him.  As someone who suffers my own mood swings at times, I can relate on a level to some of the things he goes through, and how important it is to find someone and some hobbies to help keep you centered.

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