12 January 2016

See How They Run

Author: Ally Carter
Series: Embassy Row #2
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

I will definitely say that the end of this novel took me completely by surprise.  I did not see the twist coming at all.  It seems highly illogical, but at the same time isn't so far fetched in the realm of the world for me to discredit it completely.

Unfortunately, the rest of the book just feels like a bit of a sloppy mess.  Carter introduces a new character - Spence, who goes to the military academy with Grace's brother - for the sole purpose of developing a love triangle and pushing the plot along.  The result?  The entire plot of this novel feels super forced and the entire character and dynamic including Spence feels cheap (and the love triangle aspect is laughable).  I definitely feel like this novel struggles the whole time, and it feels like its sole purpose is to exist as a bridge between the first novel and the next.  At the same time, I am interest to see how the next one go.

So while this novel holds little character development and the plot is a bit all over the place, I at least like what Carter is setting up for the next novel.  So here's to hoping the third installment packs more punch and less mess.

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