07 January 2016


Author: Nick Offerman
Rating: 4 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

Following in the footsteps of fellow Parks & Rec star Aziz Ansari, Offerman offers not a humor laced autobiography like so many other comedians these days, but a book with wit that actually offers insight and facts (and still includes some personal anecdotes for fans).

I have to say, I crush so hard on Offerman every time he speaks about his wife. Megan (AKA Karen).  It is so refreshing to see an actor who is humble and so smitten with his life partner.  Listening to the audiobook, and even his standup, he definitely thinks he married up, and it's great to see a man who has so much respect not just for his wife but for women in general.

Even women have gumption!  It was great to see quite a few make his list, and I learned a lot about people I have barely heard of before.  For example, Yoko Ono.  I never got into the Beatles, so I never knew about the thing between John Lennon and Yoko Ono and how everyone apparently blames her for the breakup of the Beatles.  But man, she is a fascinating gal, even still today as she's pushing into her upper years.  And, as Offerman points out, she definitely has a lot of gumption.

Gumption: It's Always Been Shit (I like the suggested tagline better), is equal parts comedy and learning.  We range the spectrum from Eleanor Roosevelt to Offerman's self proclaimed man crush on his husband Jeff Tweedy (of the egg cover band, Wilco).  And the last chapter on my favorite late night man?  The best example of humor and history wrapped into one.

This is one of the few "autobiographies" from today's comedians that I could actually sit down and read.  But I still recommend the audiobook, because Offerman's deep gravely voice coupled with the occasional break in of his alarming high giggle just adds the cherry to the top of the sundae.

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