11 October 2015

Six of Crows

Author: Leigh Bardugo
Series: Six of Crows #1
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

Let me start by saying there really isn't a single character in this novel I could relate to.  Most of them, in fact, I didn't even particularly like.  Kaz, the leader of the little ragtag group, is a prime example of this fact.  He really doesn't have any redeemable qualities.  The entire novel, I kept waiting for some spark of hope, but every time I saw one it was squashed not to far down the line.  Kaz is powered by revenge and greed, and he is basically the exact same person he despises from his childhood.  Everything that was done to him, he has done to at least one other person.

Matthias and Nina?  Do not even get me started on this disaster of a "romance".  There really doesn't seem to be any chemistry between them.  Their backstory is slow to unfold to figure out where all the animosity comes from, and with all the buildup, the truth between where their "sexual tension" comes from is laughable at best.  While I liked some of Nina's characteristics, the fact that she cannot separate herself from her issues with Matthias really put me off from her.

I will give Bardugo credit for character development.  There is a lot of backstory told for each character woven into the story.  So much so, in fact, that the plot seems to limp along like a dog with a bad leg.  A lot of the story is devoted to this backstory.  But, unfortunately, since I never really connect with any of the characters, a lot of this is basically lost of me, only making the story seem to drag out.

The plot picks up for about 50 pages towards the end, but even then it doesn't feel that satisfying.  I think Bardugo tries too hard to throw in twists and turns into the plot via secrets Kaz keeps about the plan from his crew.  It makes the plot feel a bit disjointed, and a little unplanned in parts, as if she is backtracking to cover up gaps previously.  I ended up feeling just as frustrated with Bardugo as the Crows were with Kaz.  And the ending (which I think is absurd that Kaz didn't see it coming, since I fully expected it from the start) was so underwhelming and unfulfilling that I doubt I'll continue this series.

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