29 October 2015

Court of Fives

Author: Kate Elliott
Series: Court of Fives #1
Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

I am a bit conflicted with this novel.  It is a bit slow with a plot and there definitely isn't much action/adventure to keep the pace moving.  The best correlation I can make is that Court of Fives is simmers along with the plot.  Elliott tries to use the game of Fives to add suspense and excitement, but the writing feels so rushed to portray the speed and agility needed that it's darn near impossible to get a mental image of what's actually going on, so I ended up speed reading through those parts.  Also, it doesn't really add anything to the character development, and I am not overly found of the way the game is worked into the plot.  I just think Elliott could have achieved the same goals with a better premise that would have been more engaging for the readers with a plot that is much more gripping.  It is also a bit heavy on the romantic drama and the character develop isn't really there to accompany it.

So while I kind of like the world that Elliott creates, and I think the plot could have been very well done, it just seems bogged down in its own slow drama to ever really get me sucked in.  Not sure if I'll read the next installment in the series or not.

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