28 September 2015

In a Handful of Dust

Author: Mindy McGinnis
Series: Not a Drop to Drink #2
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

As soon as I finished reading Not a Drop to Drink, I requested this novel from the library.  While there was nothing awe inspiring about the first novel in the series, it definitely had its moment of eloquence, so I was interested to see where McGinnis took this story now that Lynn is closer to her mother's age at the beginning of the first book and Lucy is closer to Lynn's.

Turns out, this novel is such a needless sequel.  Upon reaching the end of the story, I wished I hadn't read it.  The whole plot seems kind of stupid/irrational (like why would anyone still live in the middle of the effing desert?  How is that a survival instinct for anyone?  Or in a place known for droughts?  That is only marginally better.  And why would you decide to walk across the country to get there (this seems like the biggest plot hole of them all).  Desal plants or not, if I was heading west, I would have gone to Washington state, where is rains for like 75% of the days in a year).

And speaking of walking across the country, that is what third fourths of this book is about, and it gets very, very tedious.  Pointless characters are introduced just to try to help the plot limp along, but it doesn't do much.  The beginning leaves a lot of character development to be desired and the ending just plain sucks, though there are two very major plot twists towards the end.  Still, even these plot twists can't salvage this story.  If anything, one of them kind of made me hate it even more (I'm talking about you, Lynn).  Very disappointing after reading Not a Drop to Drink, even if the ending has a nice tie back to the beginning of the first novel.  It had a sprinkling of moments and a few nice quotes, but nothing to make it worth a sequel for the original story.  I suggest reading the first novel and forgetting this one even happened.

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