09 August 2015

Food: A Love Story

Author: Jim Gaffigan
Rating: 4 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy

Jim Gaffigan's books are definitely best when served as an audio book.  I learned this with Dad is Fat.  Not that it is a bad read by any standards, but we were strolling through the library and happened to find it as an audio book.  Since I had read it and enjoyed it, I suggested it to my husband for his commute to work.  And while riding in the car with him and listening to Jim read the book, it was definitely funnier.  His audiobooks are basically like an extended version of his stand up, and it's awesome.

I am sure Food: A Love Story follows the same principle.  I didn't even bother trying to read the novel first this time; we went straight for the audiobook for our anniversary road trip to Charleston.  It is a riot.  Now, it's important to remember that Gaffigan is a comedian.  Therefore, do not expect to learn anything all the insightful about food from this novel (although I did learn I need to check out some New Mexican recipes because they apparently share our same love of green chilies). You are going to learn that veggies taste gross and that Jim Gaffigan is a manly man because he LOVES steak.  But it is a great, hysterical audiobook for a road trip or to break the monotony of your commute.  We actually ended up in stitches in a few parts, which might have made it dangerous for the husband to drive since he was bent over the steering wheel laughing.

As was the case with Dad is Fat, you are going to hear some recycled jokes from Gaffigan's stand up routines in Food: A Love Story.  There is the essential Hot Pockets (we actually ended up buying some at the food mart after listening to the spiel.  Hoooot pockets) monologue, the McD's story, and the mention of the must do Cinnabon.  But there is enough new material as well to keep you entertained for hours.

Enjoy. But make sure you have a snack on hand, because hours of reading/listening to Gaffigan talk about food is going to make you hungry.

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