11 June 2015

The Cage

Author: Megan Shepherd
Series: The Cage #1
Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

I love, love, love the philosophy behind the concept, which is basically a human zoo set up by a higher intellectual species that wants to help humanity stave off extinction by confining them in a cage.  Don't we do the exact same thing in zoos and conservation areas around the world to what we deem species of lower intelligence?  It is definitely interesting to ponder how we would stomach it should the tables turn and we find ourselves the ones caged in and isolated, far away from the home we've known forever and no longer the king of our own pride land.

I am not, however, crazy about how the plot plays out.  For one thing, we have this whole idea of inter-species romance going on between Cora and her captor which, excuse me, is just plain creepy.  I known authors are out there scrambling to find a fresh way to put a spin on young adult romance, but aliens?  Really?  Why does the trend seem to be going this way lately?  It just grosses me out.

It isn't that The Cage is boring, it's just that I feel it could have been so much better developed.  I thought Shepherd handled the superior race thing rather well, as I always get a little testy when it comes to aliens meeting up with humans.  But I thought the plot got bogged down in some of the tangent stories, and the interactions between the characters left a lot to be desired.  I could relate to Cora in a lot of ways, and she's the one who is the most determined to find a means of escape to get back home to Earth, but at the same time I found her completely unrelatable in other aspects, which made it difficult to sympathize with her struggles.

In the end, I was really left on the fence with this one.  It seems like Shepherd is really going to keep forcing the romantic entanglements between the characters to push the plot (ugh, The 100s anyone?), and if so I doubt I'll be able to stomach much more of Cora's struggle.  But who knows, she might be able to sway my swing vote with the next installment down the road.

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