09 June 2015

Daughter of Deep Silence

Author: Carrie Ryan
Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

Ryan's choice of plot untangling in this novel completely confounds me.  If you are going to have a main character such as Frances, then you need to go all in.  She is driven by grief of the death of her parents in front of her own eyes.  And if that isn't bad enough, she had to watch her friend slowly decay and die right before her very eyes.  It is enough to drive anyone mad and send them on a path of revenge.

Though the plot feels like it was practically stolen from Revenge (I even saw a lot of similarities in the different characters and the plot development and details), I still liked it until I realized what Daughter of Deep Silence really is.  It is not a tale of revenge and redemption against the liars who stole her truth and even made her question her own sanity.  At its heart, this novel is a story of Frances's first love, the son of a senator that she met on that fateful family cruise.  Though she has spent years and countless resources plotting each excruciating detail of her plan, it all boils down to the feelings of the fourteen-year-old girl that still lies dormant inside of her.  And that really pissed me off.

If you are going to give me a female main character who makes a point time and time again of proving just how much she seeks this justice, then at the resolution of the plot, I want gruesome and unrelenting pain.  I want her exact her revenge or die trying.  I don't want her to spend every other moment second guessing herself over some guy she met for a very brief time four years ago at the age of 14 that she was somehow madly in love with.  Ryan didn't stick with her guns, and it left me more than a little unsatisfied with the ending, especially with how she chose to solve the mystery of why the massacre on the cruise ship occured in the first place.  I really enjoyed Ryan's Forest of Hands and Teeth trilogy, but this one did not cut it for me (though I did rather like the last line).

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