15 May 2015

The Queen

Author: Kiera Cass
Series: The Selection #0.4
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

Come on Cass, give me something to work with here.  We do not have even a touch of a dystopian society going on in the background.  We do not have any of our normal main characters.  And there isn't even any humor or touching moments to limp it through to the finish line either.

Instead, we have Maxon's parents, Clarkson and Amberley.  In addition, we also have Clarkson's alcoholic mother and rather abusive father.  So I guess we know where Clarkson gets his tendencies from.  But instead of eliciting sympathy from me, this revelation about his parents' personalities and relationship only further alienates me from the main character, Ambereley.  She watches Clarkson's reaction to his parents arguing, and someone that makes her only all the more resilient to stay and win his hand?  That is classic battered woman complex right there.  Had Amberely been a sensible woman, she would have seen this behavior as a red flag.  But I guess it becomes the lesser of two evils: stick with the enemy you know (the horrible conditions in her neck of the woods that are slowly eating away at her health, or with this prince with violent tendencies that could at least offer her a better lifestyle).  Regardless, Ambereley gets no sympathy from me.  Instead, she is just another character that goes to show that Cass really has an issue with writing strong, independent female characters.

This novella did absolutely nothing for me, and I was rather disgusted in the characters while reading it.

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