07 May 2015

The Heir

Author: Kiera Cass
Series: The Selection #4
Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

I really do seem to have a love/hate relationship with Kiera Cass.  She has little flashes of "brilliance" where I can tell that her brain is capable of pulling together a sound plot with parts where you are so invested in the characters.  But then she goes and continues this series, instead of leaving well enough alone.  And, as if to spit in our faces, she throws Eadlyn at us.

I though America was a bit self-centered and selfish and whiny when we followed her through her entire Selection ordeal.  But Eadlyn, her daughter, takes the cake.  Eadlyn is definitely her mother's daughter. She has this wonderful opportunity before her, but all she can see are the negatives and why it would be terrible. Cass wants to make her seem strong and independent, but she readily admits she likes having decadent desserts flown in just because, and spends a lot of time worrying about accessories for her outfits.  It seems the only way Cass knows how to write a "strong and independent" female character is to make her a complete bitch that no one in their right mind would like at and say "hey, this is a great role model for young ladies".  And I think the worst part is that, time and time again, Cass seems to acknowledge this in the story.  I just don't see why she has to write such annoying female narrators.

The worst part about The Heir is that nothing in this novel feels original at all, and I am deeply offended that Cass and her publishers decided to basically rewrite the same story and then sell it to us as another trilogy it seems.  The first similarity I see is the absurd names. Eadlyn. Ahren. Kile. Osten.  Just to name a few. Seems like she insists on taking names used today and spell them in a funny way and expect us not to notice?

Eadlyn has her mother's personality and her father's position of having to do a Selection without wanting it. Kile has America's role from the first novel, even down to not wanting to enter the Selection himself, and then ending up basically being the confidant she chooses because he doesn't want to be there and thus is seen as a safe choice. She even models some of her choices after her parents, such as axing a large portion of the group on the first day because her father did it as well. It's rather infuriating, having Cass trying to literally sell me the same exact story again. I know history repeats itself, but Christ on rice. If I believe correctly, even the architecture that Kile is into is a stolen trait from Maxon from the first novel.  And, as if that isn't enough examples, even the unrest in the kingdom/country is the same! Like I said, completely infuriating! The "pop quiz" is like the project America had to do where she shocked everyone with wanting to do away with the caste system. The group date reminded me of the birthday party in the original trilogy. Kile is like Maxon and Erik is like the guard.

The Heir isn't a complete suck fest, however.  It has a few redeemable moments (the baseball game to name one was pretty sweet). And let's be honest, I'll probably read the next installment as well (though I won't be buying any more of these books).  But Cass is definitely just milking the cash cow at this point, and it feels as if she isn't even trying. Especially by giving us a main character who is self-centered, selfish, and above it all.

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