11 May 2015

Chasing Stars

Series: After Eden #2
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

I haven't read After Eden in quite some time, so I will a little lost in the beginning.  But honestly, it doesn't seem to really take anything away from the story not remembering the predecessor.  Ryan returns to the past/Eden's present after returning to his time at the end of the first novel.  He is determined to try to save Eden's life when a cleaner from the future comes back and kills her.

But Ryan's interference to save her life comes at a cost.  When he does manage to save Eden, and returns to the future with her in toe, he is taken in for breaking the law.  This second novel in the duology follows the fall out of Ryan's decision, and is, for the most part, kind of a snooze feast.

For one thing, the future one hundred years from now hardly seems to have changed much.  The vocabulary remains the same, which I find hard to imagine.  And even though they have developed time travel and FTL drives, every day life seems mostly unchanged.  Considering how much has changed in the last one hundred years up until now, I find this very hard to believe as well.  Thus, the futuristic setting is little more than a backdrop for Douglas, which seems like such a waste.

Then there is the plot itself.  While, if I recall correctly, I wasn't all that impressed with Eden's and Ryan's romance in the first novel, this novel feels even more dry.  Eden spends her time "acclimating" by hanging out with Ryan's friends, having parties on yachts, and getting rather coozy with not one but two other guys.  All the while, Ryan is locked up awaiting trial.  The only part of the novel that really grabs my attention is the last little bit, and even then the plot feels like it's tossed together at the last minute, and the resolution feels highly improbable.

I love me a good final frontier/space opera novel, but this series simply does not deliver.  It is more geared towards readers looking for a romance story with a bit of a twist.

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