03 May 2015


Author: Anne Ursu
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

I will be the first to admit that I am out of the target audience for this novel, and that might be precisely why I didn't enjoy it.  I have nothing against the plot, save the fact that I am pretty sure it is just a mash up youth novels I have read in the past.  I realize now after the fact that this novel is inspired by The Snow Queen and, rather ironically, that isn't even one of the novels I've read.

The story itself is rather slow as well, and I find it hard to connect with Hazel, our main character.  I do not particularly like the way Ursu brings the fantastical world into the story and blends it with the real world.  It isn't that it's difficult to follow, but it feels raw and dry, devoid of any possible realism, unlike the other stories that this novel reminds me of.

I think the target audience can enjoy this novel.  After all, Hazel has a fantastical adventure as she tries to seek redemption and find her lost friend, Jack.  But for me, the story feels a bit emotionless and even fell on the boring side, where I ended up speed reading through the majority of the second half.

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