16 April 2015

Raging Star

Author: Moira Young
Series: Dust Lands #2
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

I can't remember the last time I was so disappointed with how a series turned out.  Sure, I've read a lot of series that have definitely went downhill (Divergent, The Chemical Garden, Delirium, etc. etc. etc.).  But those series weren't that great to begin with, so it wasn't as disappointing.  But Dust Lands?  My goodness, Moira, you should have just made it a stand alone novel now that I've finished the trilogy.

I loved Blood Red Road.  It was unique in almost all ways: characters, plot, prose style.  But the charm wore off in the second installment, and by the third installment, the plot could no longer carry the series.  We have love triangle after love triangle after love triangle for Saba it seems, and it gets old.  It really does.  The characters becomes less and less likable (yes, even Saba, Jack, and Lugh... perhaps even especially so).  And Young just can't seem to pull together a decent running plot for this series for the dystopian portion of the novel.  We spend the whole series trying to save what's left of the planet from the oppression of the few strong but evil, but Saba seems more interested in pondering about her stupid heart stone and DeMalo than anything else.  The resolution to the dystopian is tossed together in the last handful of pages of the novel, almost as an afterthought.  And the ending of the story for Saba?  Highly disappointing.

I liked Saba in the beginning of the series because she was fierce, strong, independent, and loyal to her brother.  And while I enjoy the dynamic portion of her character that allows her to open herself up to her younger sister, I don't like any of the other changes in her character growth.  It becomes apparent that Saba was only strong because she had never really interacted with others before, being isolated with only her family and a handful of others she rarely saw.  Once she joins the rest of the world, her thoughts turn to obsess on the men in her life now, and guilt and doubt plague her at every step.

I wish I'd only read the first novel.  This series definitely left me deeply disappointed.

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