29 April 2015


Author: Lamar Giles
Rating : 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

In the catty halls of a high school run by typical jocks and cheerleaders, Lauren tries to be the Hall Ghost.  But under the protection of dark during the night, the "Panda" of her school no longer tries to hide from the classmates that taunt and tease her.  Instead, she stalks them... with her camera.  And the incriminating evidence she finds?  It gets posted annon onto her reveal all blog.  She seeks justice on the bullies by being a bully herself... only she does it behind the safety of the veil of the internet.  Well, that certainly makes her seem like she's doing the right thing, even if she's just picking on the people that "deserve" it.  I think Nina sums up Lauren almost perfectly when Lauren corners her at some point and straight up asks Nina.
Lauren's night life gets more complicated when she finds out that while she's stalking her classmates to get money shots for her website, someone is taking pictures of her.  And thus, we enter into an artsy fartsy game of cat and mouse, abet one that becomes much more dangerous.  A story that starts out as just another teen angst drama becomes a story with much higher stakes with a mystery at the core of the plot.  The further you dive into the story, the less and less realistic I feel it becomes.  And this is probably wandering off on a complete tangent, but what is up with these teenage girls calling their fathers "Daddy"?  It's little details like that in YA novels that drive me crazy.
Overall, the plot is a little too far-fetched for me to count it as realistic.  It feels more like a drama soaked one hour episode of a crime drama show, and less like a case you would actually hear on the news.  But the mystery was interesting enough to hold my attention, and I've certainly wasted more time on worse novels this year alone.

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