03 March 2015


Author: Lauren Kate
Series: Teardrop #1
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

Never, ever cry.  This is what Eureka's (yes, that is the main character's name; no, I am not kidding) mother told her as she slapped her across the face.  Well, this story was so bad, it almost brought me to tears reading it.

I do not give Lauren Kate a lot of credit for her writing, but I will give her this: her writing can be descriptive.  There is an entire two page description in this story of muddy shoes and jacket in the hallway when Eureka gets home.  These details, however, hardly seem to matter to the story except to flush out the page/word count.  This is not the only example, but it is definitely the most annoying one that sticks out in my mind.

I will say with honesty that I probably went into Teardrop a little bias, as I could not even make it a 1/2 of the way through the first novel in Kate's Fallen series.  That paranormal romance hardly had a plot, and I couldn't stomach any of it: the characters, the "plot", nothing.  Teardrop starts out okay, but continues downhill pretty much from the start.  While the plot is just enough there to keep me from putting the book down and leaving it, the characters are what really got to me with this story.  The characters are shallow, one-dimensional, stereotypical, and not at all likable.  I feel Kate suffers from the Twilight syndrome, where you want to bash the lead female character over the head for being the antithesis of a strong, female lead.  I really, really hate it when the author even admits that their heroine is crazy, "A sane person would realize Ander was a creep."

Eureka is anything but a sparkling role model for teenage girls.  She's rather self centered (she certainly takes her friends for granted), and - as the trend in paranormal romance for YA goes - she falls for the strange guy that is stalking her.  And at one point, she chases a bird down the street because she thinks a psychic sent the bird to retrieve her.  I could rant for an hour on how annoying and creepy the Eureka - Ander relationship is (after all, they meet when he rear ends her, and then she just takes a ride in the car with the guy who clearly can't drive and doesn't have insurance.  ARE YOU MAD GIRL?), but I will end it with this.  If you like Twilight, then read this book.  You will probably gobble it up.  If you like literature and a good story, stay away.

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