01 March 2015

Red Rising

Author: Pierce Brown
Series: Red Rising #1
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

I have such a love/hate relationship with this book.  As in, I love the first 1/3 to 1/2, and hate the rest.  Okay, okay, to be fair, I don't hate the rest.  Hate, after all, is such a strong word.  I am definitely disappointed, however, with the rest.  To put it mildly.

Red Rising starts off with a bang, full of excitement and adrenaline from the get go.  Brown definitely sets up a powerful and unstable dystopian, and Eo is the perfect foil/trigger for Darrow.  Some of the language and descriptions of the vastly unique world are a little hard to get used to, but you start to fall into the rhythm the further down the rabbit hole you go.

But the plot.  Oh, the plot.  I had such high hopes for the plot, and yet here I sit.  I've had a week to reminiscence, and I still am not any more pleased with it than when I finished this book last weekend.  Here I am, expecting a full on mass riot of epic proportions, and what we get is a Hunger Games/Ender's Game like plot that takes my balloon full of excitement and anticipation and slowly lets all the air leak out.  It isn't that the plot is terrible, per se, but it seems to drag on and on (and on and on) without much real excitement.  The entire second half of this novel just feels like a build up for the next novel in the trilogy.  It took me so long to read this novel, that I had to check it out of the library twice, and finishing it once I received it the second time felt like a homework assignment.

And still.  And still.  The ending gives me just enough hope that the sequel might return to the likes of the first 1/3 of this novel that I'm completely torn.  It is already sitting on my bookcase, its library plastic outer coating beckoning me over.  Pierce Brown definitely has the talent to become a major player in this decade's literature.  There are some very powerful, very poetic quotes in this story that make my quote notebook (although almost all of them are, again, in the first half).  I think if he can channel himself and focus on a knock your socks off plot for the second novel, I could really get into this series.  I'm still brooding over the second half though.  Oh the second half.

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