13 March 2015

Burning Kingdoms

Author: Lauren DeStefano
Series: The Internment Chronicles #2
Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

I have an interesting take on DeStefano that I developed while reading her Chemical Garden series, and this series only seems to solidify it.  DeStefano is a talented writer, but she isn't a great novelist.  That is, she has the words to make eloquent writing, but she doesn't seem capable of writing a plot that can keep me interested in a series.  Perfect Ruin was interesting, but nothing special.  It left a lot hinging on this novel to carry the series, and Burning Kingdoms was a disappointment.

I could get past the floating city in the sky, even though it didn't make much sense in the first novel.  The novel still felt like a light YA sci-fi story.  But now, on the surface of whatever planet this happens to be?  We have mermaids floating around, trying to pull shining things underwater to collect them in their underwater caves.  This series somehow did a full one-eighty, and we're fantasy now instead of sci-fi.

Burning Kingdoms is the same characters, but it's an entirely new plot and a completely different world.  And with characters that spend a majority of their time getting wasted in a completely new world, that leaves pretty much the plot to pull my interest through since the characters just didn't have it for this one.  And the plot of Burning Kingdoms is sloppy, and slow, and honestly, nothing really happens much at all.  It definitely has the same flavors as her Chemical Garden series, where is seems the series just keeps unraveling the further into it you get.

It's still an okay read, but I tell you, it is hard to get invested in this author's series.

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