08 February 2015

Y: The Last Man - Deluxe Edition Vol 2

Author: Brian K. Vaughan
Series: Y: The Last Man #3 & #4
Rating: 4 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy

Wow.  Just wow.  I definitely did not suspect the big reveal about who is on the other side of the phone.  Like, at all.  At all.  That plot twist definitely takes my brain for a spin of shock and awe.

And then we have Agent 711.  Apart from the fact that her name always makes me think of Slurpees, she is crazy.  Like, bats*** crazy, man.  That is the only word to describe her.  But I just love her story and her role in the book, even if it's rather twisted.  The storyline with the aeronauts definitely ends on an interesting cliffhanger.  And what happens when they land... so heartbreaking.  So incredibly heartbreaking.  It makes me thankful I am not a part of that gang, for more reasons than one.

And though it is taking them forever to get to California, it's definitely an interesting journey while we make our way there.

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