15 February 2015

While We Run

Author: Karen Healey
Series: When We Wake #2
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

Right off the bat, I can tell While We Run is going to be a different beast than When We Wake.  For starters, the novel is now told from Abdi's point of view, instead of Tegan's.  In addition, there appears to be a time jump between the two novels, although I will admit that even though I read When We Wake not too long ago, I don't exactly remember the ending all that well as it wasn't exactly memorable.

For a while, I actually enjoy this novel and get into the plot, even if I am still a little confused at how they got to this point throughout the majority of the novel.  The reverse narrative that is offered to fill in the gap is pretty slow to give details.  I like the change in the narrative, as I find Abdi's POV to be more grounded and a little less mushy, although it does still have its moments.

This novel starts to fizzle off with the excitement/build up towards the middle, and the ending is a little too far fetched to be practical/believable.  And, one again, the starship hardly plays a role to the plot at all except in passing, which is definitely a bit of a bummer.  One of the only reasons I gave this sequel a chance was the potential of the starship playing a larger role, and that chance is squandered.    The characters are interesting enough, but it certainly isn't a truly gripping plot by any means, and the second half of this novel took me a while to get through it since I am not really invested in the story.  It doesn't seem as if there will be another novel, but if there is, I think I'll pass.

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