09 January 2015

This Shattered World

Author: Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner
Series: Starbound #2
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

It's been a year since I read These Broken Stars, so I don't remember much about it expect for thinking it's definitely not as good as it's cracked up to be.  But I thought I would go ahead and give This Shattered World a go, as I am always a sucker for some final fontier action and sci-fi in general.

Since I oftentimes like to go into movies and books blind to avoid any kind of spoilers, it took me until the second or third chapter to even realize we are following a different set of main characters than the first novel.  This Shattered World is set in the same universe as These Broken Stars, but on a different planet in a different time with different characters.  I got almost all the way to the end of the novel before I even saw how this book connected to the first.

This Shattered World definitely feels a lot like These Broken Stars.  It's space(ish) like, but with limited to almost no actual space travel.  It focuses on a young couple on different sides of the social spectrum.  Indeed, this time Kaufman and Spooner take it one step further and put them on different sides of a war on the planet of Avon.  The focus is quickly thrown towards Jubilee and Flynn, first on how they are pitted against each other with her working for the military and him a rebel, but the focus then starts to almost immediately shift to romantic insinuations between them.

Similar to the first, I felt that the "space" side of the novel was nothing special, although it allowed the similar paranormal/sci-fi elements the duo pair of writers introduced in the first novel (which I wasn't really found of).  The space part of the novel is more of a backdrop than anything else, and the story could easily have been written on Earth without any of the elements being any different.  Still, the romance wasn't too in your face for the whole 400 pages, and the plot did start to get interesting a little bit before midway of the novel.

Not a series I would read more than once, but the story is well enough written and the characters are likable enough, abet cliche oftentimes.  Definitely nothing revolutionary for the space opera genre, but I think general romance readers will enjoy this novel, especially if they liked the first in the series.  Lilac and Tarver do make cameo appearances in this sequel, though they are far from the focus.

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