31 January 2015

Scent of Magic

Author: Maria V. Snyder
Series: Healer #2
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

After Avry's miraculous and somewhat unbelievable escape from death, the gang is more determined than ever to stop King Tohon from taking over the Fifteen Realms.

Scent of Magic definitely feels like a follow up to Touch of Power.  We bring back all of favorite characters, although their amount of involvement and their face time with readers dramatically changes as our band of rebels is separated into different groups, each on important tasks.  With Avry and Kerrick split apart, a lot of the sarcastic wit that made the first book so enjoyable disappears.  Although after the romantic notions set forth at the end of Touch of Power, I cannot stay I am entirely disappointed.  I still feel no chemistry whatsoever between these two.  Although the quick separation after confessing their feelings at the end of the first novel makes for a lot of pining thoughts in this sequel, which I could have lived without.

Snyder's writing continues to be a little confusing.  This series is right on the verge of being unable to tell if it is young adult or adult fiction.  The story and the length feels as if Snyder has developed a adult fiction plot, but the quality and the style of the writing screams young adult.  I don't know if it is the fault of the author's writing ability, or a fault of the plot planning, but it is a bit annoying at times.  Especially since the characters don't even seem able to curse.  The way she gets around it is similar to how broadcast prime time televisions shows do it, and the execution is so poor it's laughable.

And let's not forget this cover.  Miss Avry's healing power works by taking on the pain and wounds of those she heals, yet on the cover she has beautiful, flawless skin.  There isn't a scratch or scar on her.  You mean to tell me of the dozens, if not hundreds, she has healed in her lifetime, she doesn't have one visible scar?  That aspect of the cover really irked me, probably more than it should.  But I think Avry is too beautified for the cover art, which makes me lose some respect for her.

Again, not the strongest of series I've read, but it's an interesting, unique fantasy world in a genre of cliches and overdone plots.  With enough originality to sustain interest over the entire length of its 414 pages, I'm willing to overlook its flaws and enough it for what it is - a light fantasy novel with a dash of romance.  I already have the third novel from the novel, so I'll probably dive into it next.

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