18 January 2015

Don't Let Go

Author: Michelle Gagnon
Series: PERSEFoNE #3
Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy

It's the end of the line for our teenager hackers turned super heroes.  Nora's clock is ticking, as she fights the aftermath of her abduction in the second novel.  With her failing health, she is more determined than ever to stop the evil madman.  Just trying to write the synopsis for this book reminds me how outlandish the plot is, but I still cannot help but enjoy this series.  Sure, it's as out there as an Ally Carter series plot.    But it's a fun ride, with likable characters and enough plot twists to keep you interested and guessing until the end.

Considering the odds stacked against our heroes in this finale to the the trilogy, I found the ending a little too happily ever after for my taste all things considered, but it is young adult literature after all.  Though fast paced and action packed, this third novel feels drawn out, as if Gagnon knew how she wanted to end the novel, but needed another 100 extra pages to get there.  Nora, Peter and gang spend most of the time jumping from one roach motel to the next, or slumming it in condemned buildings that are even worse.  Daisy became rather annoying in this novel, and she and Teo cause some headaches for everyone.  Although they are perhaps the most down to Earth characters, the most realistic of the lot.

If you can get past how unrealistic the plot of this series is, then I think you can really enjoy it.  If you try to imagine it in the real world, then you'll probably hate it.  It is definitely a series where you need to be able to suspend your disbelief.

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