08 January 2015

Blue Moon

Author: James Ponti
Series: Dead City #2
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

Molly and the Omega gang are back and ready for their next big adventure.  That is, if they can get approval from the review board to keep their rag tag team together after Molly's mishaps in the first novel.

Based on the way the first novel ending went, I thought Blue Moon was going to be a bit more of an emotional roller coaster for Molly as she realizes that her mother is still alive and deals with the repercussions.  And while Molly does have a few scenes with her mother in this sequel, for the majority of the novel her mother stays in the shadows, hardly involved in Molly's life or the plot.  If anything, Molly faces more emotional turmoil at home, where her father starts taking cell phones as hostages in order to spend more quality time with his two leading ladies.

Blue Moon focuses on the Original 13 from the mining incident, which goes back to the fallout of Molly's actions at the end of the first novel, since she took one of them out of commission (with the help of her dear old mother of course).  Ponti follows the same style he uses in Dead City, from the Prologue set in time towards the very end of the novel, to another twist ending I certainly did not see coming.  All the same likable characters are back, and a few of them even get larger roles for this sequel.  The dialogue and Molly's narrative style are the same, although I don't find her quite as quirky and snarky as younger readers might.

All and all, a solid novel for this series.  I think a young audience would enjoy it even more than I did, but it's still a fun, light, quick read for the older audiences that still enjoy YA novels and the likes that are trying to find decent zombie stories out there.

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