24 January 2015

All Fall Down

Author: Ally Carter
Series: Embassy Row #1
Rating: 4 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy

Any series by Ally Carter is destined to be a guilty pleasure read for me; I cannot stay away from these unrealistic, teenagers turned spies/thieves/murder detectives.  I fell in love with Heist Society, which brought me to Gallagher Girls, which leads me now to Embassy Row.

Oh Grace, what a terrible fate life has dealt you.  You witnessed your own mother's murder, yet everyone is determined to tell you you're crazy.  After all, your mother wasn't murdered.  The fire that took your mother's store and her life was an accident, no matter what you saw.  But you know better.  You remember the man with the scar on his face.  You remember your mother being shot, right before your eyes.  And while all you want is justice served, all you get is locked up for being crazy.

All Fall Down starts with Grace returning to the country of Adria, some very popular and important country for the United States embassy, but one I've never heard of (hmmm, I wonder why), to join up with her maternal grandfather who she hasn't seen since her mother's death.  With a father and brother serving their country, Grace has nowhere else to go.  To make matters worse, they put her in her mother's old room, and she finds out that Alexei, her childhood friend, is tasked by her brother to keep an eye out on her.

But the importance of these matters fall insignificant when Grace casts eyes upon her mother's killer.  And suddenly, she is a girl on a mission, determined to prove to the world - and, more importantly, her grandfather - that she isn't crazy and to bring her mother's killer down.

All Fall Down is classic Carter.  It's somewhat witty, somewhat eye-rolling.  There is, of course, an element of romance, but it isn't too heavy and doesn't distract from the plot.  It's outlandish, completely unbelievable, but a total blast of a read.  It's a quick novel to take in, with a surprise twist ending I never would have guessed.  The ending is also very open ended, so I know there will be a sequel.  Though the plot of this novel is wrapped up so well, I'm not sure where the next story will take us.  But I'm giddy as a schoolgirl to find out.

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