09 December 2014

Black Ice

Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Rating: 1.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

It is difficult to find a place to start with this review, so I will attempt to start at the beginning and work my way through to the end.

I did not even make it through the prologue before I already had issues with the first character presented in this novel.  At page six, I was already thoroughly fed up with Lauren.  Something bad was obviously going to happen to Lauren, that much was obvious, and I wasn't even going to feel sorry for her when her untimely death came because, hey, it was going to get her the attention she so desperately sought.

By page 32, I wasn't any more impressed with our "heroine" of the story, Britt.  The most important night of her life was her high school homecoming dance, all because she thought she might be crowned queen?  If that isn't shallow, when then I don't know what it.  But it was obvious early on that she was going to be a girl that peeked in high school.

This novel felt like Becca wanted to write a mystery/suspense novel, but wanted to target it to teenagers.  Thus, she vastly dumbed it down and then added a sick Stockholmy love interest just to make it even worse, which turned a marginally potential story into an utter mess of a flop of a novel.  The line in the story that I thought best summed up Britt was, "In the end, I deleted the text.  I wasn't going to manipulate my boyfriend.  I was seventeen now, above games" (pg 178).  I loved how Britt said this as if,somehow, not manipulating her boyfriend made her magically mature.  And from the looks of their relationship from the flashbacks, she didn't even sound like she liked her relationship with Calvin.  He wanted to keep their relationship a secret, he embarrassed her in front of his friends, and - oh yeah! - he cheated on her to boot.  So what girl with any form of self respect would even consider wanting to get back together with him, much less still be pining over him months later.  If she had had any self respect, she would have been the one to dump him, not the other way around.

The other line that really pegged Britt was, "...if I thought this through, I'd realize I was making a mistake" (pg 241).  It became rather obvious to me early on in the book that Britt didn't waste much time thinking, unless it involved swooning over guys.  This line from the novel sums up the entire story perfectly.  She needed to think more.  I've never met a girl as dumb as her, probably because they all got murdered in the woods over spring break.  Good Lord, girl, have some self respect and some common sense.

My issues with this novel did not end with just the character of Britt (there wasn't, in fact, a single likable character in the entire story).  The "plot" was so laughable that it was hard to take any of the novel seriously.  But, of course, since it was a suspense/mystery novel, I had to read it through to the end to see how it ended up.  Let me just tell you, it did not get any better.  I am not a master of statistics, but if I were, I would calculate the odds of all the revelations of the characters tying in together just so.

I did, however, get some enjoyment out of this story, and by the end I took to paraphrasing it aloud to my husband as I read, which became a lot more entertaining than the story itself.  To avoid spoilers if you still want to read this disaster, skip below.  I hated Hush, Hush (mainly due to the same issues I had here based on reading my review I wrote way back when) as well, and am officially never picking up another Becca Fitzpatrick novel again.

Paraphrase of the Black Ice plot:

This high school girl is in a love triangle with her cheating ex-boyfriend and this stranger she met at a 7-Eleven that knew way too much about her personal life that ends up kidnapping her.  And then her cheating ex-boyfriend ends up being a serial killer, and the high school girl is locked out of the cabin in the woods in a snow storm trying to figure out how to get back in to save her kidnapper from her serial killer ex-boyfriend.  This ex-boyfriend, it turns out, killed the sister of the kidnapper.

The only acceptable ending for this novel would have been if an avalanche had come storming down the side of the mountain and killed them all, the end.

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