30 November 2014

Dead City

Author: James Ponti
Series: Dead Point #1
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

Perhaps I am just a little too old for this book or a little too obsessed with zombies right now to fully appreciate this novel.  I like the Walking Dead type zombies, the kind that have no brains, no logic or reasoning.  The empty, rotting shells that just roam around with faulty motor skills, trying to eat brains and to get cut into pieces.

The zombies (a term which, it turns out, they do not like being called.  They prefer undead) in Dead City are different.  For starters, there are three levels of them.  The Level 3s are the closest to the type of zombies I am used to, and even they are pretty tame in Dead City, although that might be tailored to the target audience.

Apart from my small beef with the zombies, I actually enjoyed Dead City though it is written for pre teens.  While the secondary characters aren't really developed, our main heroine and narrator, Molly, is.  Her rather tragic back story even leads to empathy on my part.

The way the Omegas operate was a little counter intuitive to me, although by the end of the novel I can understand why Ponti set it up that way.  And the ending of the novel definitely takes an astounding twist, one I never would have guessed.  It is rather awkward how Ponti returns to the prologues at the beginning of the novel at the end, as it seems as if it is added as only an afterthought, not really tying into everything else that had been happening up until that point with the plot.  But then Ponti throws in the last few paragraphs, and things definitely get interesting.  You can tell Blue Moon is going to be a very busy and very stressful novel for Molly.

I would definitely recommend this novel to younger readers.  For the young adult age group, and older readers like myself, it is still a fun read, but some of the enjoyment I can see for the younger crowd is going to be overlooked by older readers.

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