20 July 2014


Author: Imogen Howson
Series: Linked #2
Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

I was probably more disappointed in this novel than I have the right to be.  Perhaps the stunning cover sucked me in and made me believe the story would be as enticing as the art.  Perhaps I was still so excited about Linked, especially since my copy just arrived for my personal collection, that I held Howson up on a pedestal where she didn't belong.  But man, it's hard to figure out where to start with my review for Unravel now that I finally trudged the entire way through it.

Or, perhaps, no it's not.  I'm going to start with Elissa, and on the same note her relationship with Cadan.  Man, Elissa seems like a typically teenager in this novel.  She spends almost the entire novel whining and complaining about the same things over and over again.  And her continual deficit of self assurance in her relationship with Cadan made me want to reach through the pages of the novel and choke the biotch.  I even had the same problem with Lin in this book as well.

Linked was great because it was such an unique sci-fi story turned space opera.  Though I didn't necessarily like the paranormal element they added to the story, the perks of Linked far outweighed the flaws.  In Unravel, it felt like Howson made a complete 180.  While Linked showed signs of the romance aspect, it was tolerable.  In Unravel, it becomes center stage, and you spend half the novel listening to Elissa's self conscious inner monologue while she goes back and forth over her relationship with Cadan.  The addition of parents into the equation only made things 10x worst.  It was infuriating reading Elissa have the same doubts and then have the same fight with Cadan over and over and over again.

I felt like Elissa was a suicidal teenager while reading the narrative of this novel.  Rarely any of it happens in deep space, and if she isn't worried about Cadan, then she is having doubts about Lin or fighting with her instead.  While angsty teenagers may love this novel, it was hard for me to get through.  It's difficult to tell if Unravel was the end of a series or if Howson wants to continue with the series further, but I feel as if I must go back and treat Linked like a stand alone novel, especially since it worked well that way.

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