06 July 2014

The Colorado Kid

Author: Stephen King
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

I looked up The Colorado Kid and then borrowed it from the library because of my new current obsession with Syfy's Haven television series.  The show credits The Colorado Kid as its beginnings and after being unable to find any media spin off novels for the show but not wanting to go down the fanfiction route, I decided to check out The Colorado Kid.

Besides James Cogan and our buddies at the newspaper, there really aren't any resembles between the novella and the tv series.  Fortunately, the story was interesting enough to hold my attention.  I don't believe King's afterword where he said he didn't believe there was any middle ground between loving or hating this story, as I fall into that category.

If the story had been a full length novel, I wouldn't have liked it because I would have thought that I had spent too much time on a story with no real plot resolution.  But for a novella that only took me about an hour or so to read, it wasn't too bad.

I mostly read this story while exercising or rewatching a TV show I've seen before; I'm not sure I would have been able to curl up under the covers with this novel and stay up all night to read it like I did this weekend staying up to watch the third season of Haven. But I have only read one other Stephen King novel before, Thinner, which I remember was pretty horrible, so The Colorado Kid increased my likelihood of reading another novel.  I'm looking at Under the Dome, as that is another adaptation television show I've been watching.

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