11 July 2014

Kindness Goes Unpunished

Author: Craig Johnson
Series: Walt Longmire Mystery #3
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

I took a step back from the Longmire novels for a little while whilst I buried myself in the young adult genre, but which season three underway now, I figured I needed to get through my next installment of the Longmire novels, so here we go!

What I really enjoy about Longmire is the western scenery, as well as the tribal backdrop as well, and with Walt traveling to visit Cady in Philly, this novel really didn't have that western goodness to it, which lost a bit of its appeal.  Though I love Cady in the television show, she's not the same in the novels, and we really don't get to explore her character much in this novel either as she spends almost the entire book in a coma.  You did get to explore Walt's relationship with his daughter some, however, so that was at least touching and helped make up for the other short comings.

Kindness Goes Unpunished just felt a little out of its element and off its game with Walt and Henry in Philly.  They take a back seat to the local law enforcement as they try to figure out just what happened to Cady, and then Vic's arrival down the road didn't really help matters in my opinion either.  I know a lot of people are a fan of the Walt and Vic relationship, but I actually found it kind of disturbing, especially since Walt is much closer to her mother's age and Vic is a lot closer to Cady's age.  All and all, Kindness Goes Unpunished is almost a novel I would chose to skip from the series, and if I end up buying some of the novels to add to my personal library, unless I get this one dirt cheap or free, I doubt it will make the cut.

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