15 July 2014


Author: Mindee Arnett
Series: Avalon #1
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

Unfortunately, the best part of this novel ended up being the cover, which I will admit is pretty mesmerizing.  Unfortunately, the story was not.  It had all the potential to make a very impactful debut for a series; after all, it is pretty much the young adult version of Firefly.  But while Firefly took a little while to get into and then left you breathless, Avalon started out interesting enough and then left you wondering where in the world Arnett went so wrong.

I think I expected too much from this book, and thus I was doubly disappointed.  I wanted something Joss Whedon-ess, and I got something more along the lines of Revolution or Under the Dome or even Jericho.  The characters were fine, but never really impactful.  Jeth and gang never suck you into their lives and adventures like Mal and crew, and when you get right down to it, the characters are really what make a good story, especial in space opera novels.

Again, I am probably expecting too much from a space opera novel written for the young adult novel, but I couldn't help but be optimistic since it is a genre that not many attempt because most fail so miserably.    I think what made Firefly so great was that there really weren't any aliens; it was still the struggle of humans versus humans.  But while Avalon focuses on the struggle of Jeth and crew against other humans towards the beginning, we branch out when they go to pick up the ship lost in the space version of the Bermuda triangle, and everything goes down hill from there, especially when the mention of possible aliens.  I am not a big fan of alien novels, and I think it was probably from that point on, if not sooner, where I really lost interest in this novel.

I did manage to finish reading it, so the writing wasn't completely garbage, but the story just didn't grip my attention.  All the action and adventure you would expect from mercenaries in space was dumbed down by teenage drama and even the romance, which I really didn't care for.  The pacing was rather slow, and I grew bored of the plot and the story in general before too long.

I was really hoping to get into Avalon, as there really aren't too many space/sci-fi novels out there in the young adult genre, but Avalon was just not my cup of tea.

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