03 June 2014

The Treatment

Author: Suzanne Young
Series: The Program #2
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Buy

While The Program was refresh because it took a rather unique spin on some common young adult themes, The Treatment looses some of that charm as it seems for the most part to be just a repetition of the same novel Young delivered in The Program, except with an added dose of a young adult love triangle for good measure.

The beginning of The Treatment finds Sloane an James weary of the Program once again as they find themselves on the run with a group of rebels, similar to the beginning of The Program except instead of Sloane sitting in a classroom waiting for the men in white coats to show up, she's on the run waiting for them to catch up with her at any given moment.

During this relatively relaxed time in the first part of the novel, Sloane finds herself playing house with James, and wondering if she should take The Treatment - the magical pill Realm promises will restore all of her lost memories, even if it might drive her crazy in the process.  The love triangle between Sloane, James and Realm becomes a central theme in the first portion of this novel, which caused it to drag by for me, especially since dialogue was favored over action in the beginning part.

But then, following the same path in the first novel, The Program is brought back into play, and the intensity and excitement, and thus my interest, perked back up.  And as Sloane maneuvers through the corruption in the program as she and her band of rebels try to take down the Program, the novel does suck you back in like The Program did, though the pace still seems to lag a bit in The Treatment.  To be fair, however, the ending comes at you like a propel through a roller coaster.

Overall, I didn't enjoy The Treatment as much as I enjoyed The Program simply because I felt like I was reading pretty much the same story over again, except with a few different elements and a different ending.  I still think The Treatment is worth a buy, however, to complete my collection, and the ending of the Treatment leaves me to believe the series has ended as it wrapped up nicely in the end.

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