29 June 2014


Author: D.J. MacHale
Series: The SYLO Chronicles #2
Rating: 1.5 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

While SYLO was nothing special, it at least ended on an interesting premise that allowed Storm to improve upon which MacHale delivered in the first novel.  Unfortunately, Storm was even worse than SYLO and by the time I reached page 230, I could stomach it no longer.  I hate leaving books unfinished, but I have been battling with Storm for the better part of four days.  I kept waiting for Storm to impress, but instead it continued to go downhill.

While the writing and dialogue in SYLO seemed rather juvenile, Storm was even worse.  There are parts of this novel that felt like a ten-year-old wrote the story.  Perhaps that comes from adults trying to write young adult stories and overcompensating, but the writing degraded so much that it actually became laughable.  The entire fight they have over Boston versus Nevada was absurd as well.  I double checked on a map, but I was pretty sure to start that Boston was north of Nevada anyway (which it is).  This part irritated me to no end, and it was far from the only bone I had to pick.

The characters never developed, Olivia was so obnoxious I was hoping someone was going to pop her in the face.  And the "love triangle" between Olivia, Tori and Tucker was just as annoying.  Kent and Joni were annoying too, which did not really leave one single likable character in the novel.  The entire plot is so far fetched and underdeveloped that it was hard to follow (SYLO, army, navy, air force)... and where the heck are all the people?  Even though they were on an island for all of SYLO, you still would have thought they would have had an inkling of an idea of what had happened.

I tried to enjoy this series, but I couldn't stomach it.  It was definitely written for preteens and not for teenagers and older people who enjoy reading in the young adult genre.

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