18 June 2014


Author: Alexandra Duncan
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

This novel is neither thought provoking, thrilling or surprising as the synopsis boosts.  I have racked my brain and the best word I can find to summarize this book is boring.  Salvage is also pushed as a feminist sci-fi novel, but I hardly found Ava as a strong female lead character.  If anything, I found her naive and too trusting of strangers.  In both worlds - both on her ship and then later on Earth, she quickly becomes entangled with teenage males.  And while I would not exactly call Salvage a romantically strong novel, it certainly has the ties to the genre.

I feel like all the elements were there for Duncan to deliver an astounding novel, but all we got was a book of blah.  The novel is a whooping 520 pages long, but at the conclusion of the novel, I am hard pressed to tell you what exactly, if anything, really happened during those pages.  There is no action, there is no suspense, there is just a lot of awkward language (so sister, so so so so so), a lot of confusion on Ava's behalf, and a lot of moving around trying to fix things.

It is difficult to really dive into this novel during a review since there did not seem much of a plot to dive in to.  When Ava lands on Earth, she is searching for her aunt.  Then, she decides to search out for Luck as well.  Ava is never happy with what she has, but she never really does much about it either.  Salvage is a classic example of where I was drawn to a novel by its lush cover and its space opera ties, and was deeply disappointed by the lack of the content.  Given that it is young adult sci fi, however, I guess I should not be surprised by this face anymore.

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