15 June 2014


Author: Anna Carey
Series: Eve #3
Rating: 2 / 5 stars
Verdict: Bury

I tried to give this series the benefit of the doubt, and as Once showed potential over Eve, I even dare to say I had high(ish) hopes for Rise.  Unfortunately, Rise was the worst novel in the trilogy.  Ironically, I finished this novel about the princess determined to undermine her father on, yes, Father's Day.

One of the fundamental problems I have with Rise is that Carey never really went into character development throughout the series.  Instead, she chose to focus on the love/young romance element between Caleb and Eve for the most part.  While I have gotten used to this in recent young adult novels, it hinders Rise greatly as a lot of the events in this novel should have been highly emotional, but fell completely flat.  I never connected with any of the characters in the series, so as Rise deals with trials and tribulations for a lot of them, I found myself skimming over most of that part of the plot since it had no effect on me.  Unfortunately, that didn't leave much if any of the plot remaining.  Add to that fact that Eve showed little to no of her own emotion through the narration, and you were left with a very disconnected narrative and plot.

Even if I could get past the emotional disconnect, the plot could not carry the novel either.  Eve spends the entire novel obsessing over Caleb's death, and shows her naivity in so many ways through the story that she becomes rather annoying and hard to read.  Then the remainder of the plot left much to be desired, as it felt like sloppy seconds of the same retelling once again.  It is difficult to say that Rise really had a plot; my interest level in the novel dropped so low that I hardly paid much attention even by a third of the way in, and by the end I was just glad I finally finished (the happy ending note that Carey added at the very end must have been a last ditch effort, but it was just an insult at that point).

While Once showed a little bit of promise for the series, overall the entire trilogy is not really worth your time unless you have absolutely nothing else to read.  I have a feeling the copy of Eve I bought on clearance will be graciously donated to the library before the end of the year.

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