11 June 2014


Author: Anna Carey
Series: Eve #2
Rating: 3 / 5 stars
Verdict: Borrow

When I finished reading Eve, I was not sold on the series and entirely sure I would continue with the next novel.  While I cannot say that I'm glad I decided to continue the Eve series, Once was definitely a step up from the first novel in the series.  Granted, it wasn't anything spectacular and nothing truly worth writing home about (there wasn't a single quote from the novel that smacked me in the face as impactful or elegant).  But it was definitely better than Eve.  Carey took the elements that worked in Eve and focused on them in Once, letting the other main elements from the first novel play second string.

Eve is still very much focused on Caleb, but now that she is in the all female society, while her thoughts may revolve around him 24/7, not all her actions do, which was a nice repretive from the vast majority of Once.  Eve gets to branch out a little and re-explore who she actually is without completely defining herself by her love for Caleb.

Similar to the start of Eve where she leaves the all girl school to risk it out on her own, Eve once again leaves the all women's society (I guess she is just too damn boy crazy to know any better) in hopes of finding Caleb safe and alive.  She winds up where she feared in Eve, stuck in the City of Sand at the mercy of the king, but the truth behind why he really wants her there throws her entire world for a spin.  The plot towards the end began to drag a little, and I found myself skim reading more and more, but it was still more exciting than the first installment in the series, and the ending was interesting enough that I am willing to read the next installment.

Similar to another sophomore novel in a series, I felt that in a lot of ways, Once was the same basic elements/fundamental plot lines that Carey told in Eve, even following the same pattern on a lower level.  Yet, I feel like Once was a do over of Eve, and that Carey managed to improve of what she had to start.  While I have a feeling Rise will feature the same basic elements once again, I can only hope that I will enjoy the next installment even more, just as I did here.

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